Ignacio González


Welcome! I am an Assistant Professor at the Economics Department of American University in Washington DC. I am also the Co-Director of the Institute for Macroeconomic and Policy Analysis (IMPA). Before, I was a Postdoctoral Research Scholar at Columbia Business School. I hold a PhD in Economics from the European University Institute (Florence, Italy). My current research focuses on macroeconomics, public finance, and political economy. 
IMPA hosted its second annual colloquium, Inequality and the Macroeconomy: Academic and Policy Challenges, on April 17, 2024. We discussed monetary policy and income inequality, fiscal policy and gender inequality, and tax policy in the US. See a summary of the event here.
IMPA co-organized the recent Workshop on Post-Pandemic Macroeconomics on March 21st and 22nd, 2024, jointly with the Initiative for Policy Dialogue (IPD) and the Center for Political Economy at Columbia University. See the program here. Presentations and papers will be available soon at the IPD website. 
See the latest version of my working paper with Vasudeva Ramaswamy on Capacity Utilization, Markup Cyclicality, and Inflation Dynamics. Comments are welcome! The next presentation of this paper will be at the SED 2024 Annual Meeting in Barcelona (June 27-29).  
A summary of IMPA's Symposium on Tax Policy in an Unequal Economy (April 2023) is available here: https://impa.american.edu/events/. The event featured Joseph Stiglitz, Kimberly Clausing, and Simon Johnson, as well as a policy panel focused on recent tax proposals in the US.